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The characteristics of the vacuum flask

2016-10-11 13:13:20 Read

In fact, the length of the heat preservation time depends on the vacuum keep-warm glass cup body structure and the thickness of the glass material. 
Generally speaking, the thinner glass material, the longer the holding time.But the cup body is easy damaged and deformation, affect the service life;Vacuum glass tank outer package of metal film and copper plating and other measures also can increase the degree of heat preservation;Large capacity, small vacuum insulation cup for a long time, instead of small volume, large diameter of vacuum keep-warm glass holding time is shorter;The service life of vacuum cup also depends on cup body clean and vacuum layer of time, the most important thing is that the structure of the vacuum furnace.
In the society now use vacuum keep-warm glass vacuum equipment with vacuum exhaust and vacuum brazing furnace, is about the second class four.A class of the vacuum exhaust with tail desktop;Another type of brazing furnace type.Brazing furnace type is divided into: single room, room, increase the pumping speed more room.
Single furnace type vacuum brazing furnace as a whole.The vacuum furnace cycle time is long, if manufacturers to improve production efficiency and shortening the time of pumping air into vacuum state, affect the service life of the cup.Now the market popular more room type vacuum furnace, although can shorten the cycle time of pumping air into vacuum state, at the same time with this brazing furnace pulled out of the cup, the service life of the cup is only 8 years or so.Vacuum cup with tail exhaust station and advantages: have a tail exhaust in which vacuum cups, vacuum exhaust annual output vacuum heating temperature is 500 ℃ or so, when the vacuum glass shell is out of shape not easily, but copper pipe welds easily touch the leakage, to special protection in semi-finished products processing.
In addition a categories is vacuum brazing furnace, roughly divided into three types, have never thought, we usually use vacuum insulation cup look though in appearance with general vacuum there is no difference between, on the craft that make vacuum insulation cup by general insulation cup is much complex, technical difficulty is also much higher.So, vacuum insulation cup than ordinary insulating glass's price for at least two times more.
Characteristics and classification of the content is vacuum keep-warm glass, of course more from professional Angle to analyze the related situation of vacuum keep-warm glass, generally to consumers is difficult to defined from this aspect, so this would require the production of vacuum keep-warm glass business stick to the way of good faith, so consumers which can be on the market to buy rest assured suitable vacuum keep-warm glass.